How much of my parent’s money

Do I have to siphon/steal/appropriate/”deserve”–as ya’ll trust fund babies say–

In order to become gay famous on the internet?

Based on all the people that came before me–

A whole hell of a lot.

One major point Shrier makes in her book

That I often try to drive home on this here podcast and blog

Is the incredible amount of money

People spend

To promote their “businesses” on the internet

They funnel thousands of dollars into

Facebook page advertisements, google ads,

Buy tons of affiliate merchandise to push and sell–

Booking fees for interviews with guests

Like Abigail Shrier herself!

You’d never be able to talk to these people, normally.

The amount of upfront cost

To be internet famous

Would astound most average citizens.

They all make it seem like it is free for them

Because it is free for you–

But keep in mind

That it’s someone’s job

To convince you to use their app–

And make it big on the internet.

Again, I ask–

How much money do I have to steal

In order to be respected for what I am?

I’m the only one on here

Who doesn’t ask you all for anything

And that is exactly why

I seem “amateurish” to the untrained eye–

To the average perspective

I won’t change, but I’m hoping that eventually

My bank account does, or most optimistically–

The culture, will.

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