Month: March 2019

  • Robo Smut

    00909999828888894949992928292999929293727161728948480000000000000000000000000000&0&0’pjpn War and peas comics Check them out

  • Addicted to

    Now that I’m Addicted to drugs I see how stupid food is. Why’d I ever Get addicted to that? Lame.

  • New Age Expectations

    Call me Some crazy hippie But I want to start a commune Where: Trans people are ordinary Bigots are extraordinary People are open Stores are closed College is free Abortions […]

  • Storm System

    Out of nowhere The sun came out And the madness stopped The rain let up And the winds died down I looked inside myself And saw an opening It stirred […]

  • Bad Movie

    I guess I’m just not sleeping tonight I can’t turn off the movie In my head Of everyone I love Belittling Patronizing Devaluing Discrediting Underestimating Pitying Disrespecting Lecturing Advising Ignoring […]

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