Month: February 2020

  • Is Jenny Shecter Ophelia Or Am I Being Generous

    I mean Madness Adultery Flowers and Drowning I’m pretty sure All of these things happen In the finale

  • The L Word Is Leaving Netflix Soon I Guess

    Hurry up and get it While it’s easy I pirated this stuff As a kid, when it was Much easier to steal shit Now it’s kinda annoying

  • Fucking Fuck A Fuck

    How fucking weird would it be To not know what it felt like To be fucked When you are fucking? Sometimes I’m like Are you fucking fucking with me That […]

  • Like I Wasn’t

    I don’t often wish I knew what it was like To grow up a boy Because, well Honestly— I feel like I did ! For the most part I wasn’t […]

  • This Other Thing

    When I was a kid I was always like What the hell man Seems like it is Infinitely more fun To be a male Than this other thing Sex is […]

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