Month: April 2020

  • Cursed Nudist

    It’s hard to convince people who Resent their sensitivity to be More sensitive, still, I mean Most of us are already hurting, we don’t want To be vulnerable to anyone, […]

  • Q.E.T.

    I was like “There needs to be a queer entertainment network” And then immediately I was like “Oh right— that’s logo” But is it? I mean It is. I admittedly […]

  • Live Simply

    Honestly like All of the things that They told me to do at the Nutritionists office were so Incredibly expensive it was Hard for me to ignore the Obvious profit […]

  • It Hurts To Lay Down

    What you did hurt so bad God it hurt me so bad Like a knife straight through my heart But the worst part Was that I Effortlessly, against my intent […]

  • Everything About Christianity Is Narcissistic

    All of it Brazenly so Much more than the podcast I mean— Come on Eve ate your apples so now Everyone has to wear clothes?!? Get over yourself!!! Talk about […]

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