Month: July 2020

  • “Out” As Trans

    In order to come Out as trans I had to start lying about being Non-binary they/them In order to come Out as trans I had to stop telling anyone Because […]

  • Ban Social Media

    All of it Including all of MAI’s various pages Ban all of that fucking garbage I came here to try and Offer a coherent Queer, customized alternative Platform for everyone. […]

  • Discourse

    The ignorance Is the problem But unfortunately They are all too Ignorant, far-gone To even be able to learn Listen, or discourse

  • I Am Wheat.

    How do you get rid of Nazi blood? I have it, not On my hands, unfortunately— But in my veins. I am made of those nazi genes I am also […]

  • Fake News

    Everything inconvenient to him Is fake news Everything I am to him is Liberal conspiracy and To him I am brainwashed and To him I am confused. For whatever reason […]

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