Month: July 2020

  • Code for…?

    I feel like the first test In becoming a coder Is discovering that Trilogy Education services Is not education but rather A For-profit scam. Hopefully I’ve passed and will be […]

  • Affected

    I think it’s shameful That so many people Will wait until someone they know and love Dies of covid 19 Before they take it seriously

  • Cancel MAI!!!

    None of my straight cis hetero friends Have abandoned me since starting the podcast Only gay ones have Perhaps they are too triggered or something?! Somebody totally unrelated rage-quit my […]

  • They Whom Smelt It

    If you happen to find my podcast and blog And feel as if you are being Persuaded, convinced, or some other kind of Brainwash, by chance, a recruitment of sorts— […]

  • …time to update

    What do you do When everyone in your life Is too petty and jealous and insecure To update their fucking server

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