Month: July 2020

  • Intimate

    I made a podcast and blog Dedicated to the hard talk The stuff nobody wants to say Out loud the stuff they’d prefer To keep to themselves So I guess […]

  • Damned

    Damned if you do Damned if you don’t Tell them you’re queer or You’re “in the closet” Announce it to everyone But don’t rub it in their faces In fact, […]

  • History

    I still write your name In the search bar, sometimes I just never press enter That’d be recorded history For me, I think it’s healthier If you weren’t on the […]

  • Emasculine

    What is emasculation? I’ve been accused of it my whole life I supposedly “Emasculate” Or at least, I did Before I went full “Masculine” E, here being the key letter […]

  • Cancelling Is Great Publicity

    Honestly like Everything y’all think is awful Goes way up in the ratings I think if you want to make some Quick money you just gotta be Cancelled, and then […]

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