Month: August 2020

  • Reno 911–But in 2020

    Oh man Think with me for a second Reno 911 2020 Shit would be cancelled so fast I can’t even share a clip of it!!!!!!!!

  • Embroidering

    My face has finally stopped itching For the past year it’s been Molting, shedding, changing. The hairs had to pierce through her face Over and over and over again Toughening […]

  • Real Men

    Where is the derogatory term For the white gay Republicans Men’s rights brandishers Who are running the queer community into the ground And inventing words like “TERFs”? Why don’t the […]


    Trans Exclusionary Attitude By Anyone Gay

  • Zero-Waste Efforts

    I guess it’s my fault for Expecting support from those I’ve Helped but thats my own problem I should’ve put 100% of my efforts Into myself, that way they aren’t […]

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