Month: August 2020

  • Awfully Belittled for Such a Big Man

    No one has belittled me quite like My friends, especially the GBF who’s got nothing but Rich, fake Tourists for friends He belittled my Identity, podcast, blog and Masculinity, all […]

  • LOUD

    It’s ridiculously easy To be in denial of your transphobia When you’re too transphobic To learn anything about it. It’s even easier To be in denial of your racism Because […]

  • Sucker

    Why are passion Interest, enthusiasm Treated as feminine ? Why is being nice For suckers? Why can’t I be a nice guy Who is respected? Why do I have to […]

  • Their Perspective

    Cis people respect cis people Gay people respect gay people Lesbians respect lesbians Trans folk respect trans folk Non-binary folk respect non-binary folk If you’re more than one thing You’re […]

  • Are You Sure It’s Because You’re Trans?

    Yes. None of this happened before I transitioned.

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