Month: September 2020

  • Cheap Therapy

    The debate last night For me, was some Pretty dang cheap therapy. I used to think He would only talk like that To Hillary, but As my lived experience has […]

  • Just Fucking Come Out To Yourself

    Start there. It took me about ten years To get to the next step So stop wondering how To come out to everyone else When you haven’t even Come out […]

  • Direction

    I love, love love women Especially lesbians that I would’ve been friends with As a woman instead of this new man, but I’m not one, and I think they Trust […]

  • Clubs

    It’s just to the point where like I get along better with straight folk Than I ever did queers. Now I’m like— Fuck. I guess I’m just Not part of […]

  • Hard Of Hearing

    I love when people say Sexism doesn’t exist I love when racists say Racism doesn’t exist I love when straights say Homophobia doesn’t exist I love when transphobes say Transphobia […]

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