Month: September 2020

  • I Am A Soft Guy

    A very soft man. The sort of tender friend who makes His life about his family. I am sensitive, I am caring I am more than just defending — I […]

  • Too Broke To Support Myself— Let Alone Anyone Else

    Everybody’s like “BOYCOTT JK ROWLING BURN THE BOOKS TRASH EVERYTHING WITH THAT WITCH BITCH NAME” I’m over here like Y’all have enough shit That you can just Throw stuff away?!?! […]

  • “Hey Man! Guy Man Guy. Dude Bro Yessir”

    Sup, bro! My main man Yessir, my dude Peace out, man! Alpha beta gamma What’s up, doc martens Fucking HELL, FOLKS— I can’t keep up with this shit.

  • For(you)

    I love you, Do you know? I don’t joke I love you More than you Could know— No joke! I almost laughed Thinking about how Ridiculous It is For me […]

  • More Or Less

    I love being a man— I miss being a woman. I genuinely didn’t think This part would ever happen. I guess I’m more non-binary Than I realized, if one can […]

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