Month: October 2020

  • This way, That way

    I’ve been called all genders All week All the time Because my fucking name change Is delayed by covid And SSA office closings Now I’m in the ER Being her, […]

  • Ain’t Nobody Wanna Read Your Book

    Wouldn’t it be fitter to Have someone write a book About you, instead of You know— the other way around? Who the fuck Wants to read a book Somebody didn’t […]

  • A Bit Of Difference

    I hate my last episode. I’m sorry, folks. I hate a lot of the stuff I say I hate a lot of the things I play It’s in my nature […]

  • Every Body Has Tits

    Men have tits! Men have tits. Some men, have Tits. Males have tits Adult men have breast tissue Young men have breast tissue Old men have breast tissue Everybody has […]

  • trans kitten

    I was sitting with My cat, listening to My neighbors dog howl Over and over and over again The way she does All day every day when they Forget to […]

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