Month: October 2020

  • Abolish Gender Markers…?

    Honestly I keep bashing my head in around Non-binary representation And the various meaningful ways Someone could achieve this And I can’t help but think That the problem is Identifying […]

  • Specifics

    I can’t fucking imagine Being you Being so self-absorbed Being so short-sighted Being so blind as a bat Being dumber than most door nails And somehow still telling me How […]

  • Where I Started From

    So far only the people Who knew me before Are the ones who don’t understand The ones who stare The ones who “enunciate” The ones who sneer So again, I […]

  • I Am Me

    Being trans has made Everything about my life more difficult Except for loving myself— My body, my instincts, my heart. I’ve lost friends, I’ve lost respect I’ve gained almost nothing […]

  • 4 Years

    You’ve had four years To see his hypocrisy Four years to see His cruelty Four years to Understand his priorities He’s had for years to Denounce white supremacy And you’ve […]

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