Month: November 2020

  • Journeys

    Oy Oy Oy I would Love to believe that Some of these women are Feminist, but truth is They didn’t like me before I transitioned— And now they really don’t. […]


    The wordpress Is important And expensive 2020 is making me Leave it, soon Hopefully I will have this service Redirected.

  • Expectations

    I’m here I’m doin I’m existing at best But considering All that came before this I’m pretty impressed So yes — I’ll go ahead and take Those expectations, With which […]

  • I Already Know

    I already know You’re interested I know you’ve been going Out of your way To show that you aren’t But that’s exactly how I knew That you were And for […]

  • Becky w/ the No Hair

    The name is starting to hit and Miss, not sure how to handle this I enjoy being ridiculous But truth is— I’m losing a fuck ton of my good hairs […]

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