Month: November 2020

  • Asshats R US

    Such stupid ugly empty people All of you Narcissists Mindless trolling Instagram feeding Tweeting following nitwits Honestly if I wasn’t so hell bent On being the difference I’d fucking call […]

  • Perspective

    If you’re fat and self-loathing You’re a downer And if you’re fat and self-loving You’re delusional Any way you shake it You’re in denial of Something that’s Out of your […]

  • Contagious

    More than being trans More than being gay More than being lesbian More than being broke People have the hardest time Accepting that I’m fat And that I shouldn’t have […]


    HOW HOW DID I NOT BECKY THE BECKY PLACE?! What the actual fuck people I am embarrassed Ashamed Dejected Good. Bye. Y’all. Ain’t no way am I renewing this thing. […]

  • Completely Self-Sufficient

    I often feel as if there is Some sort of vortex waiting for me Outside my door, I think it’s called Anxiety or something, either way My website subscription is […]

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