Month: December 2020

  • Closeted

    As long as non-binary identities Exclude and ignore men who present Masculine, there will never be any room For anyone who was born female To transcend their gender and become […]

  • “Man” as Gender Neutral

    I was complaining to my partner That I really wish I could just call her “man” Without it being too casual — Like dude Or being too formal — Like […]

  • Fuck That Shit, Rupaul

    If you’ve had Trans people Non-binary folk Competing on your show Every season And you change your intro For the one trans man Who competes You make them other When […]

  • The Weight On My Chest

    I have a weight on my chest Literally about 20lbs worth of heaviness Sitting on my pecs, Making my shoulders cave inwards Making my confidence sit slouched On the cold […]

  • God, She/Her

    My god has she pronouns Because I expect her to care — But she doesn’t. My god uses she pronouns Because she has been called sir Since all this madness […]

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