Month: December 2020

  • I’m Not That

    My life has been guided More by what I’m not Than what I am. I’m not a woman, and I’m not that kind of man. Only recently have I started […]

  • Cells

    So far the number one difference Between me, one individual trans man— And most of the cisgender men I’ve met Is that they, by far Are much more self-assured than […]

  • Blame

    Honestly Just call them something else Don’t associate it with feminism They aren’t feminist Nobody is buying that shit Feminism is inclusive — Transphobia isn’t. Instead of Trans Exclusionary Radical […]

  • Cispicious

    I just find it Cispicious That so many Transphobic men Are never held accountable Just because they’re gay Or quiet And yet Every single lesbian In the UK and otherwise […]

  • Ain’t No Such Thing As A Sword Lesbian

    Sure sure like There are lesbians Who are into swords But like Where do these people Find evidence of Lesbians, queer identifying Lesbians who hate Trans folk in any way […]

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