Month: April 2021

  • Second Puberty

    I might’ve been born A woman, but it was society that Castrated me. My trans sisters talk about their experiences Being shamed for being female, but I find myself jealous […]

  • Who Benefits From Gatekeeping?

    “You aren’t a lesbian Unless you’ve been told That you aren’t one” Becky WTGH circa 1645 Who benefits from all the gatekeeping? Who benefits from all the Who’s who-ing? Does […]

  • Supporting Trans People Costs You Nothing

    They aren’t too demanding It isn’t too much to remember None of it takes any Extra effort, it’s all just Stuff you do for everyone else That you respect Supporting […]

  • Stop Putting Words In Pat Tillman’s Dead Mouth The motherfucker was gunned down by his own men He didn’t “sacrifice his career in the NFL– To serve his countrymen” They fucking killed him! The Army covered it […]

  • Caitlyn Jenner Is A Woman, Folks.

    Jesus Christ I don’t like her either, yo! She’s a sloppy mess of a republican asshole– I hate those folks. She’s still a woman Her gender has nothing do with […]

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