Month: April 2021

  • Urgency

    Lately I’ve been having more Health problems I’ve had some Odd colors in the bowl and Worse pains all over, and I am Often urgently headed to the toilet I […]

  • Cleanup High

    You know that scene In broad city Where Illana finds enough weed For a party Just by cleaning her room? I just did that but With shrooms.

  • You Can’t Expose A Nudist~~ You Fools!

    LMFAO Haters are like the most boring vanilla Milk toast motherfuckers Ya’ll think I’m afraid of Being exposed? Get real, folks Talk as much shit as you can Blow all […]

  • Bitter Truth

    My sister used to beat me and Make up lies about me, tell them to my parents, then Bully me and shame me and Try to break my neck. When […]

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