Month: June 2021

  • Shitting Contest

    There is this guy at my job Who No matter what Will one-up whatever you say As best as he can. I don’t think he is often telling the truth. […]

  • Tides/Tough Titties

    Prediction– Being “extravagantly gay” Will be considered Homophobic by the end of the Century. Kinda like Porgy and Bess Now vs then is some Tough titties

  • Come Easy, Shit

    It shouldn’t be scandalous For me to say “I’m a transgender man, I am Also female” It’s a fucking fact, ya’ll. I can’t get anyone pregnant without Spending a few […]

  • Putting Two and Two Twogether

    It’s easy for most people to understand why a woman Might want to live as a man. I even saw some sort of international clickbait-ish video About an egyptian woman […]

  • Unspeakable Truths

    Sometimes I feel like I’m the only queer person on the internet who is willing to acknowledge that they are both queer and occasionally unhappy. This seems to be one […]

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