Month: November 2021

  • Squandering Squanderer

    I am jealous. I wish I could act, and make Eye contact. I also wish I could dance without worrying about Breaking my ankle again. I think that I might […]

  • Where The Fuck Is Malta

    An island that looks lonelier than it looks Like a paradise, I wonder– Must be lonely if you’re listening to me Way over there in fucking Malta…

  • Gender Non-Conforming Looks

    Gender non-conformism Is in the eye of the beholder. Nobody looks More or less non-binary, the same way No one is more or less Beautiful than the others. It’s all […]

  • More Headless Fat Bodies

    I suppose the headlessness of the fat bodies Have to be because of the Supposed shame and self-hatred Anyone with a fat body Is supposed to feel? Or perhaps is […]

  • Bodies With The Same Flag

    The more I think about the more it’s like Duh Of course the people who Spent most of their lives Struggling to come to terms with Their homosexual vibes Hate […]

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