Month: December 2021

  • My Left Side Is Trying To Kill Me.

    Sometimes between My left foot, my left vertebrae The left side of the thyroid I had removed And my bulging, damaged left eye, I wonder If the left side of […]

  • “I Went To Therapy About It— So It’s Not Me”

    Lmfao Imagine being this privileged I’ve been to nutritionists all my life I don’t get points — Nobody gives me credit For the weight I haven’t gained, only berates me […]

  • Queer Culture As A Forgiveness Pass

    I saw this somewhere and I didn’t want to think It was true, but it is. The only people who are expected To reflect and repent for any sort of […]

  • Self-Importance vs. Self-Righteousness/Advice vs Help

    Self-importance is life-saving Don’t ever chip away at someone’s self-importance It’s the most important survival quality anyone can have. Self-righteousness? IMO? Just toss it. Don’t need it. That’s how shit […]

  • Generational Wealth/Smaller, Meaner, More Submissive.

    Honestly most of the trans women I’ve met are 1000000000000000x girlier and more feminine and Clearly more womanly Than I’ve ever been So I find these beautiful people validating af […]

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