Month: June 2022

  • Jammin’

    My heart ached Everyday For the better part of a year until I started to play a beat And hum and sing Now I’m jamming all day everyday Covering up […]

  • Fuck Being A Lady Tonight !

    I keep whistling this all the time Basically the story of my life

  • Weakness

    I’m a very strong person Who has experienced tremendous weakness I don’t think people understand The difference.

  • Maybe I Am Gay LMFAO

    I dunno man I think at this point in my life I’m just vibing on myself so hard I like anybody that reminds me of me LMFAO what a thing […]

  • Redundancies

    It’s like Technically I’m free, because I’m not in prison, but I’m imprisoned by money, and the society that makes it. I wonder what it is That makes people think […]

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