Month: July 2022

  • Real Time

    Things I know Things I want Things I don’t Why is it so hard for me To get these in the right order Real time

  • Goddamn This Fucking Bedroom Pop Phase/What The Fuck Are Ya’ll Whispering About Now

    When will it end It’s fucking endless Even goddamn Satanic rock has gone Bedroom pop What the fuck is everyone Whispering about ***PS This is what I cleansed my palate […]

  • Sup, Deaf Queers!!

    My sister is an audiologist who is fluent in ASL I should ask her for some tips. Unfortunately A musician-run podcast Is kind of more of an audio quest however […]

  • Found A Piece On Thin Privilege That Doesn’t Suck

    This piece was nice It’s almost like Somebody listened Literally I just If you all knew How much medical discrimination I have experienced Due to my weight and nothing […]

  • Opportunity/Being Fucking Miserable…

    Only way to put it is that I Had top surgery And immediately I knew I wasn’t someone I could be, and I wasn’t Who I wanted to be— But […]

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