Month: July 2022

  • My CPAP’s Gender Identity

    Ever get misgendered by your Cpap machine? I wrote something about this forever ago but I have an update…! My “cpap for her” machine finally Kicked the bucket— Now I […]

  • Try/You Can’t/I Did

    I mean just picture it The least likely thing Go ahead Try Try to guess what I’ve been doing. Try to guess my new job You will never guess Because […]

  • Lmfao I’m sorry I just

    Lmfao if you knew. !!! If you knew. If you knew what I was up to You wouldn’t believe it and you wouldn’t conceive it I can’t even say it […]

  • Survivalist Creativity

    And then it’s like Well what do you do instead Of feel, what do you do Instead of be crushed by the wheel? Do you drink? Do you smoke? Do […]

  • More About Him

    I mean like Yeah I was always male in my head, I had Clear distinct conflict with this as a kid and Made my voice clear My parents dismissed it […]

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