Month: August 2022

  • $10k Bandaid/In Practice

    If you’ve got deep wounds you need Fancy surgical stitches that Repair each damaged layer All the way to the surface where you Stitch carefully and repair meticulously — You […]

  • Ulterior Motive/Online Trans Community

    I mean if you don’t Have struggles with the struggle then Are you really struggling ? Way I see it the online trans community Likes to make weird German scat […]

  • Irrational Confidence/All This Baggage

    Irrational confidence. ! What a concept These sales guys be like “You gotta have it” But like… They say that about everything they talk about I mean It’s hard to […]

  • Things I’m Not Allowed To Say Out Loud

    Or even write them tbh Things like “I don’t actually like dogs” Or “The Beatles suck” Or “Elton John isn’t really my jam” Things that get you cancelled When nobody […]

  • Example/Opinion

    The world is changed by seeing your Example, not your opinion. Loving yourself, freeing yourself Being yourself — All things you can do only if you Do them, all things […]

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