Month: August 2022

  • Limited

    The shitty thing about my ideas is that They’re so fucking vivid and real and fleeting that The moment I try to write down What I was feeling or the […]

  • Company

    I will say When I started my patience was Fully stocked. I was like “I got this” But surgery and recovering has been kind of Exhausting and Living a new […]

  • J.J.J.

    Opportunity missed Shoulda named my ass John Jacob Jingleheimerschmidt

  • Recurring Dream

    When I was a kid I had this recurring dream where I was with my neighbor friends who were two boys about my age. We were all floating in a […]

  • Apostate or Ponzi

    Lmfao these thoughts I been having Am I trans or am I just An apostate ? Am I an artist or am I just Didactic ? Cliche, gawdy awkward Old […]

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