Month: September 2022

  • My Pentecostal Preacher Friend

    I tell you what man I love this guy, oddest couple goes to Us, I think. He is always giving Jesus credit for everything But it’s true! When I think […]

  • … I Like Dahmer So Far…!?

    Wtf again ya’ll, so much hate, so much vitriol I haven’t seen much beyond a few episodes but like To say that it’s excessive, gaudy, sensational, Exploitative ect. ect. I […]

  • Special Treatment

    People hate anyone that gets anything. Positive or negative — Jealousy is omnipresent, the other thing about it is That if you bully, punish, discriminate Otherwise ostracize and humiliate A […]

  • Modern Times Tho/Tag Jesus

    People be like Like this, share this — Tag Jesus Like Jesus gives a shit.

  • Ghost Tit Itch

    Instinctive. It crawled under my skin and wrapped around and I reached And it was gone.

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