Month: September 2022

  • Play Stupid Games…

    Win stupid prizes. That’s the best way to summarize the way I feel About most things, nowadays.

  • Send Me Your “Prayers”

    A lot of funny people say things like “Christians are the worst– all they do is pray– Praying does nothing. They just sit there and hope And do nothing” But […]

  • Queer and Trans “Armies” and “Classes”/Who Is The Enemy, Really?

    I find shit like this extremely problematic. I would give Links and references specifically but to be honest, it would just Get my ass roasted on a pitchfork Faster than […]

  • A Poem For Testosterone Gel

    He rubs the lotion On his skin, lest he Gets to detransition.

  • Circumstances

    It’s tough being depressed It’s like Why am I like this ? Hormonal imbalances, well In that case I understand but It doesn’t help my circumstance.

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