Month: October 2022

  • Should Prolly Create/Stop Curating

    So much crazy shit has happened to me In the past few weeks I’m like, what do I make Out of these lemons, should I try Something totally different or […]

  • Need Recs

    I suck at trimming my beard so I just Shave completely, and don’t really trim In between and boy I tell you what This shit is not working out for […]

  • Assholes Live Forever

    I used to think that Negative energy, being mean Various types of bad-karma inducing things Were bad for your health but The way my life has gone And the way […]

  • Nashville: Where Fads Live Eternal

    Name a weird phase like Spray tan or a Weird trend like Cowboy boots and Chewing tobacco or a Weird chain like Chuy’s and it’s Popular there.

  • Nashville🧐/Pronouns

    It’s not that I don’t like country music Or country people It’s just that I only like Dolly Parton and Hank Williams— The pronouns of the genre.

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