Month: November 2022

  • American Life

    At what point are we refugees In our own country, fleeing from One shooter, one massacre to the next– Fucking clickbait stories popping like crazy Feeding the minds of the […]

  • Dutiful Grandkid

    The thing about my family is that If they wanted me To call my senile grandparents And speak to them about how I am now Him, they would have asked […]

  • Freedom of Contempt

    Contempt is baked into American society I suppose — Contempt for others, giving you The audacity to take from others you barely know. It’s like a cyclical theme of sorts […]

  • Wordless

    Not speechless, because I’m Not surprised, since it happens all the time. Not callous, not distraught, not hysterical Just wordless, in the face of it all. The pattern keeps repeating […]

  • Decidedly Confused lmao/Big Hairy Guy Who Loves Himself Looking At Big Hairy Men That Love Themselves

    I know it sounds bad and Looks bad and generally Makes sense in a certain direction to be like “I liked and followed a ton of Gay bear Facebook groups […]

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