Month: November 2022

  • One Year Post-Op

    A year ago today I woke up in A whole lot of pain— 11/11/21 what a lucky, lucky day. Since then a lot has changed I still don’t quite have […]

  • Have you Ever Felt Draft

    Have you ever felt Like the weight of the world was falling on you Have you ever felt like I do Have you ever felt Like nothing you say, nothing […]

  • Try Confidence On For Size

    You know, Like a shirt— Just see if it fits! You’d be amazing how comfortable it is.

  • Don’t Forget To Vote !

    I get my kicks voting at The southern baptist church up the road.

  • Dreams

    My dreams are endless My pain was peerless and yet now I am nothing but a head with plans Hopes, dreams Some of them all consuming Then the doubts creep […]

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