Month: December 2022

  • Saint Me

    Fuck everybody I know I am my own god now No religion necessary No followers required just Something I know about myself I created all that I am and all […]

  • I’m Over It.

    The thing about these Southern Baptists Is that they think it’s god’s will To live according to the truths in the bible, Which is why they all eat shellfish and […]

  • Watching Bears Chasing Chasers

    I can’t help myself I am dangerously curious Also I just Love my new body So much. It’s so nice to see it evolve into What it’s become. Also I […]

  • Trans Men Who Tried

    Seems like my newsfeed is full of posts about Trans men who tried and Trans men who died. Trans men who learned about all of the Pain and hate in […]

  • It’s A Privilege To Present /Transiently Human

    Something I don’t think everyone understands. Presenting straight Presenting gay Presenting cis Presenting trans Presenting anyway you wish Presenting in itself is a privilege Because when you’re fat enough you […]

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