Month: January 2023

  • Hot and Awkward

    I’m faithful and a bit Devotedly uninterested however When I encounter trans women In real life I’m always like “Why is it so hot and awkward In between my legs” […]


    Um. okay then What are they ?? I would feel more open minded if we weren’t at the early stages of a genocide, politically.

  • Being Trans Is Whack/Dr Sasquatch Ads

    You go from “Fucking shit why does everything from Cpap machines to butt wipes have Unnecessary gender all over it” To “Why doesn’t my girlfriend buy me Men’s soap as […]

  • The Ohio River

    Today I learned that my dads side of the family is from Middlesex And that my family was part of a boat of people Who settled in Pennsylvania in 1600 […]

  • I Know I Don’t Need To See It/The Whale/Fat People Are Alive

    But I probably should. What kind of queer fat person doesn’t want to live fully I don’t think the whale sounds like something I should see I know it isn’t […]

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