Month: January 2023

  • Straight White Men/Real Men Don’t Bitch

    Most of the trans content I see on social media Glorifies and empowers trans women And weirdly Humiliates and silences trans men. The only approved speakers are Born- female enbies […]

  • Beard Myths

    Shaving doesn’t make it grow back thicker Being trans doesn’t make your beard less thicc, but They are working on things that help bridge the time gap It’s literally ALL […]

  • My First Suit/The Clothes Make The Man

    I didn’t talk about this I almost feel Ashamed about it I feel like Anyone else in my shoes wouldn’t have waited until they were 30 to wear the clothes […]

  • Plans

    Prepare for what happens when you succeed — Not for what happens when you fail. You’ll always be able to come up with a plan when you’re Down on your […]

  • Shirts are the new Hats

    What’ve I been up to? All sorts of things, but mostly Shirts. Shirts. Shirts. Shirts. Shirts. SHIRTS. SHIRRTTSSSS. Pants too bElTs Fancy shoes Business professional is my new groove also […]

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