Month: April 2023

  • Curse Lifted

    It’s amazing how much lower my anxiety levels are when I’m not around her anymore. It’s like I’ve lifted a curse If I had been stronger I might’ve left way […]

  • We Got This

    I’m your luck Girl don’t you know Every time we hangout You smile like I’m magic Leave me hanging by a thread talking late for hours 40 degrees out don’t […]

  • Off On It

    Pre-transition Takes a tab “Don’t go in the bathroom Don’t look in the mirror You’ll nose dive” A few years of hrt and a year and a half after top […]

  • I Messed Up

    You were the last thing on my list. I don’t know what I missed I guess All that bliss and paradise was one-sided. I’ve done all I can to make […]

  • My Mom

    My mom is a narcissist. It makes it really hard to talk to her– Everything is about her all the time and If I say anything remotely critical or negative […]

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