Month: May 2023

  • Travel

    When I was a little queer kid I grieved my desires I wanted to travel the world and I knew I wouldn’t be able to be myself everywhere. Now that […]

  • T4T, Whichever Variety

    Most of the trans guys I’ve met have been kind of Not compatible with me in some way. I feel like The right one would be perfect for me. The […]

  • Twiddling/The Shit I’m Able To Put Up With

    I swear when I reflect on Why she did what she did and then some I swear it’s because I didn’t twiddle her hair. She twiddles her hair All day. […]

  • The Genes For Hairiness Are In The X Chromosome

    Dunno how scientific this is but Let’s just go ahead and accept the obvious — I have two x’s. I’ve got a foot in each pool. I’ve got hairy ears, […]

  • Ambience

    I love spending time with me No one here to mock or criticize Just me and my dreams Bubbling up like little guppies in a stream All my hopes happening […]

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