Month: August 2023

  • Gay Bear Necessity

    Sometimes it’s like My last relationship Would turn absolutely anyone into a misogynist. Absolutely anyone. I dare the next guy to go Three months without buying Noise cancelling headphones — […]

  • One More Time…

    So far All of the guys I’ve talked to On these apps The moment they find out I have a vagina They’re like 1. Oh… 👻 Or 2. Will you […]

  • Suck More Dick

    It’s really hard to be a transgender man in a culture of misandry. The criteria for what a man Is and isn’t Is too strict for everyone, not just people […]

  • Phallo Dick/FAFO

    I’ll say, in general I am Fuck around and find out Personified. People on the internet really enjoy hating Phalloplasty from all angles. It’s all the rage nowadays So naturally […]

  • I Don’t Want To Know

    That moment when I’m like “What’s my ex up to?” But then I realize I don’t want to know about her Incest babies or the lies she told And that […]

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