Month: October 2023

  • My Man/Editing

    My man he has the most Beautiful penis I’ve ever seen Flawlessly crafted by a team of Medical specialists. He’s had Every kind of procedure done to make himself A […]

  • They Censored “Kill” out Of Sza

    Just Wow Radio sucks.

  • I Hope All Her Kids Are Fat

    And that they all hate her for giving them eating disorders I hope they get so anxious they disown her. I hope she fucking gets hit by a truck. I […]

  • Hopes and Dreams

    I hope her next boyfriend Takes nightly phone calls About how his freaky anxious Adhd narcissist girlfriend is — Because they are just checking in And I hope he lies […]

  • I Have The Sex

    I have the sex I feel the penis I see the tits I get the wet They enjoy it and I have the sex. I don’t understand What the big […]

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