60’s Music Sucks



Give me recommendations that don’t make me

Daydream about getting my tubes tied

Leaving the country

Changing my name

And starting a band, dedicated

To playing music that has banned the words




And this goddamn 4/4 eternity

Purgatory of relentless beats

Same tempo same time same feel

Jesus, take the wheel

I’d sooner listen to hymnals or

Cut off my ears.

No, seriously.

Dusty Springfield is terrible.

Somebody give me more recommendations

The Shirelles are only so good

This style, this era


Can we forget it?

Back to Patsy, please

She died right at the beginning

Giving us the only music worth listening

Fucking bitch!!!

Just kidding. Or am I?

Damn plane crash shoulda come for me first

I woulda swapped with ol’ Patsy if I knew

She’d be the only one worth whistling to

So sue me,

The 70’s are coming soon, at least.

Geez o peets

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