7 Ways To Get Cancelled in The Queer Community

  1. Exist as a woman (trans, nb-spectrums, cis, or afab)
  2. Exist as a lesbian (duration, orientation matters not)
  3. Make a website and blog about gender and sexuality and the queer community and experiences living in it
  4. Speak, write, and play honestly without the desire to make money or be famous (“capitalism SUCKS!! Like and Subscribe to my channel, queer baby fanz!!”šŸ¤®lmfao no one ever notices the hypocrisy)
  5. Write 2-3 moderate poems lightly criticizing gay men’s culture and their obsession with body image (prepare for those emails…)
  6. Notice misinformation and speak up about it. Marsha P Johnson didn’t throw a brick at Stonewall? Clearly it makes me a bigot to read her own words about it, and how she arrived late to the riot that night. Clearly I suck since I don’t share funny memes with false reads.
  7. Say things like– how you treat people matters more than what you look like, and money can’t buy you happiness. This kind of bold, reckless shit is just NOT gonna fly with all this affiliate marketing. How can you make a sale to people that you actually provide a service to? If you help people too much, they don’t spend any money! Case in point– sex toys. Loads of them suck. If your “favorite youtuber” is posting 10 new sex toys a day– and they aren’t involved in designing them themselves– they are just pushers. You are just swallowing. I’m not trying to kink shame, I’m just trying to point out that money isn’t actually sex. You’re getting financially fucked, without any actual fucking…!!!!! HORRIBLE

Oh you know me…!

I’m Big ‘ol Big Boned Bigot Becky

Seems to me that the

Whole community is sucking on

The idea that we’re all better off

Worshipping somebody else’s thin white cock

Which conveniently, despite all the increased accessibility–

Is somehow still always just out of reach.

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