A TERF Is A Female Incel/The Worst Part Of The Truth

Spread the word folks. You heard it here.

Make sure you get Buck Angel to read it too—

If you take

Every argument

That the TERFs make

And spin it around for a different gender, let’s say

The male variety—

What you have is Incel philosophy.

I am at a biological disadvantage

History owes me things

The reason I can’t do things is because

My dad hates me! And these

Genderless non-binary transgender

Chads are taking it all away from me

You know what maybe Contrapoints is onto something

Incels are the worst part of the internet, they’re

The loudest and most concerning.

The TERFs are the natural Yang to the yin and

I’m sick of all the two-toned swirling.

Sorry folks the worst part of the truth is that

All genders death with bullshit.

Yes, it’s true! I don’t make the rules.

There is garbage to take out on both sides and

Perhaps the middle is a bit overdue.

Perhaps equality means allowing men to be

More like us, rather than forcing women

To be tougher. I think more than anything

The time for the soft man has come.

It’s up to you how many of us you want.

For me, personally? These extremes are


We can acknowledge each others

Biological realities without


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