Abigail Shrier Is Really, Really Trying to Be A Normal Heterosexual


Here is basically

Everything you need to know about this woman.

But the thing I find most interesting

Is how her devotion to her husband

Is her dedication in her book.

How her husband is somehow

The rock she uses–

To help her write transphobic opinion pieces!

How much are you trying to

Convince yourself, here honey?

Did you need to put in

A heterosexual testimony

Before you went into your massive

Soapbox book about how trans people

Are all insane, bandwagon loonies?

You know what I think of

The moment someone says

“My husband is my whole world”–

I think of

A bunch

Of bandwagon


Some of us write blogs exploring our feelings–

Some of us write books trying to

Parent other people’s children

And compensate for the

Incredible fear and hatred of a population

You don’t quite understand.

I prefer to get mad about the things

I can control, such as

My body, my gender, and my rules.

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