About That Rapist…

I tell you what

Men been saying this for a while but–

It took

How many rapes

Before they caught this guy!?

Too many, that’s how many


A few hundred too many.

I’ve seen resources

That encourage

The rape of gay men, the rape of submissives

Not in a cool kinky fetish

Free-living, free-sex sort of

Liberated way lmfao–

Not in a

Taking back my power from an assault


But in a

“I don’t think it matters either way,

Just rape as much as you want

And blame it on the faggot’s faggotry”

A community with the sort of reputation

The gay one has

Is making it really difficult

For police, for the public

To take these complaints seriously

How else would it take

200 or so men

To find this guy…?


They wouldn’t have even found him

If the one guy didn’t fight back.

Poor motherfucker even

Felt bad about hitting him

I am so glad he exists, can’t say the same

About the rapist.

I guess the UK thought that

40 years was enough punishment…?

I think it makes sense

To give him 5 years per proven conviction, so

48 times 5 would be

240 years in prison!

Sounds right to me!!

That’s why I’m a poet, not a judge.

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