Absurdity Matters

Absurdity makes the world round

Don’t believe me?

You, person

Must be a flat-earther

Or some other

Garden variety asshole

Absurdity is what I’m

Sticking around for

If I had to be real

If I had to be trapped here

In “reality”

Whatever that may be

I’d go fucking ballistic

I’d play air hockey

With my car as the smacker

And all y’all as the puck

If I’m not daydreaming

Or living a fantasy

I’m unreasonable, insane

Off my meds kind of

Plain Jane fucked to

Hell and back again

Goddamn, please damn

Let me be absurd with you

Let me crack jokes I don’t mean

Make plans for two

Well beyond our means

It’s absurd to pretend

That our brains have to stay here

Within what we are able

When nothing matters,

Everyone dies and

Everything is fable.

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