Acceptable/Basic, Shallow Cruelty

Ppl behave like

“Ohhhh I can’t

Look that fat thing in the face—

Or give it basic decency, or

The time of day, lest I give it

The wrong impression—

They need to change

I wouldn’t want to motivate anyone

Or enable them

I have to tell them

Judge them,

Lest they sleep

With a false sense of security—

They are clearly in denial their health problems

I’m doing them a favor,

Someday, they’ll thank me ”

After all these years, all the glances

All the mockery and all the harassment

I’ve got to admit

I’m starting to feel

The same, fucking way.

About you, about me, about


Maybe it’s me, maybe it’s maybelline

Or maybe it’s the shallow fucking internet.

Nets are not famous

For their depth. Alas people have been this cruel

For centuries. I suppose perhaps

There are more interesting things to ponder

Than basic, shallow cruelty

However more and more

It seems that’s all anyone

Is capable of producing.

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