Acceptable Kind of Bigotry

Trying to be friends with trans guys be like

“Lose weight fattass– lol!

Have some self-respect.

I can think of one reason you hate your body

And It doesn’t have anything to do with gender dysphoria”


“When I started testosterone

I watched what I ate for five minutes

And realized that all you have to do

To lose weight

Is not be a fucking idiot”


“I’m really insecure about my size–

I’m too short and too small to be read as a guy–

I’m trying to gain

The right kind of weight–

You know, the one that doesn’t give you

Diabetes, lolz!


“I would try and put on muscle

But I can’t seem to be able to–

I guess my genetics aren’t meant

For me to be a buff guy”

All while insisting

That fat people are only ever fat

Because of their lifestyle.

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