Accused Of Transphobia On Reddit because I’m Not A Communist Trans Woman

Straight white guys—

The only identity the queer community

Refuses to recognize and allow.

Happens to be what I am.

No where for me to go

No pride no forums no safe places

r/ftm is being policed by

People born as

(Oftentimes straight white) men

Who now identify as

T4T Lesbians

Who wish the world would be

Communist and provide them

Free estrogen and salary and assuredly

Various other demands.

Which reminds me of the lesbians I know

Who also put their victimhood on a pedestal.

It just doesn’t fucking help.

I sometimes did that as a lesbian and

I had 27 odd years of the stuff.

When I did it I would feel like a clown because

There was always some random straight white guy

Trying to tear me down. But now I realize

He’s down there

Like I am now —

Earth is a better place to hangout.

Any higher than that and you’re just in the clouds.

When you’re down here with everyone you realize quickly

It’s not all bad and

We’re not that different

Our differences don’t need to stick out

When our similarities can branch out.

There is no prize

For being the most alone, there is no prize

For being discriminated against

We need to re-strategize,

And focus on what we have in common.

Doesn’t mean we can’t be individuals and

Live our own lives it just means

We don’t need to be focusing

On the things we don’t agree on.

Stop deleting and silencing trans masculine perspective

We are the balance the movement needs to succeed.

Greater society will not respect transgender rights

Until the movement benefits everyone equally.

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