Adele/”Trans People Are Mad About It Again”/The UK’s Cult Of Half-Baked Separatist Feminist Philosophers


Says all sorts of nonsense, goes on a massive

Fatphobic PR bender

Trans people say



Says she loves being a woman

At a gender-irrelevant award ceremony

Of which the name

Has recently changed–

Apparently that is

Offensive to her, which

Lit up a lot of warning lights

On trans people’s radar’s–

So trans people start saying

“Why this speech, at this place?

Why the need to announce distance

From gender neutralization?”

And all anyone hears is

Trans people are mad about it again

It does seem ridiculously conspicious

To bring up “we” pronouns

For a population that has quite literally

Never been united over anything

Except for pay raises and transphobia.

I don’t know man, I fucking

Hated being a woman

I’m not proud of us, at all

If I’m honest. And

If this brand of feminism really thinks

It includes all women, including

Fat, butch, chronically ill, queer, disabled, POC

The whole rainbow with the dew and all

They’ve got something else coming, or

They just enjoy the denial. Probably has something to do

With all the benefits that come from their denial.

Alas, yes

“Trans people are mad about it, again”

Because yet another famous person

From the UK

Has decided that they are also a

Half-baked feminist separatist philosopher

Who’s motivation is more financial

Than it is ideological

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