Adventure Time: My Fionna And Cake Obsession Makes it Difficult for Me to Go Outside

What’s out there anyway? Is it the Land of Ooo? No? Then stop bringing it up asshole.


I won’t stop watching the episodes until I’m certain I’m not being legitimately transported to a new world for 11 minutes at a time. Its not unlike cocaine.



When I was 10 I had convinced myself that adults couldn’t see Pokemon, and that they were actually there if you looked smart enough.

I tried really hard. With a combination of strategy, mental training, progressive overload and the sage council of my fellow trainer Adam (cool guy who lived up the hill) I convinced myself that I would soon be an actual pokemon trainer.

This severity of this fantasy was exacerbated by the purchase of a pokeball as a birthday gift, accompanied with a digital pokedex. There was no going back. I would inevitably fall from this pinnacle. How hard? That all depended on the fierce awesomeness of the roleplay. My roleplaying was fiercely awesome. I fell fiercely.

History is repeating itself. With Adventure Time wrapped up, officially canonizing Bubbline and concluding in the most beautiful, majestic way, I am now faced with the reality of no more Fionna and Cake.

There will be no more Fionna and Cake episodes. No future Cake gifs, no dope swords, no love triangles between Marshall Lee, Gumball and Fionna. None of it. Its over. What else is there to live for.

Feeling sad?

No more Lumpy Space Prince



No more Monochromicorn

No more happiness ya’ll


On the brightside….

Becky is comin out with another episode alllllllll about Fionna and Cake!!!

Thats right, I can’t stop singing any of the music from the last episode

I’m supposed to be doing all sorts of other episodes, but alas. I am 24/7 365 singing Rebecca Sugar songs and crying. So I’m gonna channel all these extra globs of goo into something ya’ll might relate to. A sad podcast about Fionna and Cake.

You’re welcome, I love you too.

Ta ta, Muah-Muah


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